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I am never afraid to try something new, I love to learn, and if need be get my hands dirty doing it. Working on something, creating something, and learning how to make that something a physical reality is a passion of mine, furniture, a model, art, or any concept. I love to tinker with things to try and improve them.

Zerr Berg Architects             April 2018 - Present

Quickly and efficiently implement concepts by clients into a concise construction document set to implement on site.


RHET Architecture
Project Manager                        June 2017 - April 2018

Project Designer                       Jun 2014 - Jun 2017
Junior Systems Admin              Jun 2014 - Jun 2017

  Create construction documents using Revit and AutoCAD while collaborating with other disciplines. Also working with LEED to help projects attain the desired LEED rating. 

Maintain IT infrastructure in the company including but not limited to,setting up servers, designing and installing networking, computer repair, program troubleshooting, and printer troubleshooting.

Graduate Research Assistant   Aug2013-May2014
Lab Technician                         July 2011-Aug 2013
Teaching Assistant                  Jan 2013-May 2014

  I spent a lot of time as a Graduate Research Assistant identifying ways for the Architecture Department to improve their rendering capabilities and implement new technologies. (Network rendering, 3D printing, and improved laser cutter, very similar duties applied to my Lab Tech. job.
I was a TA for a Design Tech class. I helped students fulfill class goals with advice and help if necessary.


Studio Mentor Award 2014

  Voted on by my peers in my class, I was voted to be one of the most helpful people in studio, because of my willingness to help, and my ability to help. I think this shows that I am a knowledgeable person who is very willing to share it with others to achieve greater success as a group.

Private Pilot's License.

  Before I mastered in architecture at NDSU, I was an aviation major at UND. I have my private pilot's license. I reference this because that license is not something that is just handed out. It requires studying of regulations, flight systems, and knowing things 100%. Like what to do in emergencies, how to interact with ground control, tower, and other aircraft. 


NDSU 2009-2014
Master's of Architecture (2014)
Bacherlor's of Environmental Design (2013)

UND 2007-2009

Private Pilot's License