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About Myself

I'm Brett Rathbone, an intern architect at Zerr Berg Architects, a LEED AP BD+C, a graduate of North Dakota State University, Master's of Architecture,and the recipient of the 2014 Studio
Mentor Award.

I'm a hard-working, technologically knowledgeable and humorous individual. I find tremendous reward in learning new things- in all that I do, I consider each new circumstance an opportunity to better myself and improve upon my skill set.

Previously, I maintained and assisted with the many available technologies within Architecture & Landscape Architecture 
department at NDSU; this work varied from setting up lab computers to repairing the laser cutter and everything in between. Within the  department, my work presence was critical to ensuring successes of other students and their final projects.

As this website reflects, I've created a great deal of things in several ways in order to not only fulfill academic requirements, but to gain greater understanding and familiarity with materials, design principles and unique design solutions. Undoubtedly, this same academic enthusiasm is echoed also in my professional pursuits.

                                             Thank you.
                                             Brett Rathbone